View from Potomac River cruise

Walking three miles in heels is a lot easier said than done, let me tell you.

Especially when part of that three miles is going up and down escalators and getting off metro trains as quickly as possibly so you don’t get left behind.

But the pain was well worth it in the end.

Tonight I saw the city of D.C. like I had never seen it before, from the Potomac river.  We attended the Odyssey Inauguration dinner cruise where we had a delicious three course meal, listened to a live band and cruised the Potomac for three hours.  

The Inauguration of the new president and vice president gives the city a certain atmosphere during the week of the Inauguration. Tonight we witnessed this personally as a big group of the Indiana Republican Party was celebrating on the ship. Their dinner cruise was hosted in the private party room in the back of the cruise ship in honor of soon to be Vice President Mike Pence, who was not at the dinner cruise.

We boarded the ship with excitement at 6 p.m. and immediately our breaths were taken away from the awesome view of the Washington monument from the Potomac and we hadn’t even left the dock. We were seated at our table, where we listened to slow jazz and munched on bread as the rest of the passengers boarded the ship. When I say munched I mean we were so hungry while waiting we went through two baskets of bread and that’s not even counting the one we had with our main meal.

Once everyone was boarded they made the safety announcement about where the life vests and life boats were located in case of emergency. Thank goodness we did not have to use either of them, granted it was 50 degrees outside but the Potomac was probably a lot colder. They then took our order from the pre-selected menu, which consisted of three choices for appetizers, five choices for the entrées, and four dessert choices.

They brought out our tasting trio, the appetizers, shortly after taking our order. The tasting trio was nice because they gave you all three appetizers in little bowls. The tasting trio consisted of shrimp and watermelon, roasted summer vegetable salad and whipped goat cheese. Next came our entrées and then finally my favorite, dessert!

Once dinner was over, we wandered the ship inside and out. The views we saw from the outside tho were breathtaking. The Potomac runs along  a big chunk of the city and probably my favorite thing that we saw tonight was the taking off and landing of the planes from the Potomac. Some other sights we saw were the Washington Monument, The Pentagon, Reagan International Airport, MGM National Harbor and much, much more.

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