Nothing is more delicious than eating homemade vanilla ice cream that is smashed in between two steaming hot chocolate chip cookies.

And these cookies, well, they’d give your grandma’s cookies a run for their money.

How did I get here?

Let’s begin.

On trips, I’ve always lived by the quote “life is short so eat dessert first,” by Jacques Torres. And that is exactly what me and my colleagues all did this evening.

But we didn’t just eat our dessert-- we earned it.

We left the hotel at 6 p.m. when the sun was long gone and headed toward Dupont Circle to catch the red line metro to Judiciary Square Station. We got off and hiked up the stairs onto the street and headed towards the national mall.

If you think the National Mall monuments are breathtaking during the day, then I highly recommend you see them at night. This was my second time seeing the National Mall, only this time I wasn’t eight years old.

But this visit was unlike any other I had been on before; we had a goal; to see all the monuments we wanted to see at night and then eat at Captain Cookie and the Milkman, a ice cream sandwich shop. Because who needs a real sandwich for dinner when you can have a ice cream sandwich?

With that goal in mind, we made sure that we earned our cookies by walking a total of 19,534 steps throughout the day making that a total distance of 9.71 miles covered.

This morning, we started off our day with the Arlington National Cemetery, which was a very moving and emotional experience. We spent most of our day there and decided to grab a bite to eat in the later afternoon at a Mediterranean restaurant called Roti. Roti is pretty much like a chipotle but for mediterranean food, and was super delicious.

After our big morning and late lunch, we decided to wait till nightfall before we headed to the National Mall so we could see the monuments lit up at night - and let me tell you it was really cool.

Downside of all this was the long walk through the National Mall that took us farther away from Captain Cookie and the Milkman. Once we finished up at the Lincoln Memorial, we made our walk all the way to what seemed like the opposite part of the city just so we could experience the best ice cream sandwich in D.C., but it was well worth the walk!


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