Lukas Urbonavičius is not your average college student. He’s first generation from Lithuania and currently in the army reserve after graduating from Fort Benning.

2018 Doane graduate, Kennerly Benraty, gets creative by starting Shield Talk: Doane’s Alumni Podcast Show. With two years working as a Development Officer under his belt; Benraty aimed to showcase alumni stories and professor research by meeting listeners in their chair through a podcast.

With Weeks of the Greeks upon us, many students are rushing around with their newfound groups, but there are others who opted to not rush.

Pop. Soda. Coke. These three simple words are easily the best way one can reveal their regional alliance. Northerners opt to call a carbonated beverage pop; while southerners demand a coke; and coast-dwellers plead for a soda. With a country as vast and multicultural as the United States, it…