"The Bachelor": selling men, stealing hearts

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Bachelor pic

Peter Weber is the newest bachelor to be featured in the 24th season of "The Bachelor" on abc.

Hearts swoon as the familiar title screen appears on millions of televisions around the world. 

Viewers are glued to their seats for two hours every week, usually on Monday nights, for this phenomenon. With the new decade comes a new season of “The Bachelor.”

“The Bachelor” first aired in 2002 and has been a hit with audiences ever since.

According to abc, “The Bachelor” is in its 24th season. This season features airline pilot Peter Weber as the newest bachelor. Weber is looking for someone to be a copilot in his life, after having his heart broken on a previous season of the spinoff show “The Bachelorette.” Amid copious puns, a genuine story about people trying to find love through unconventional ways rings true with fans of every age.

Fans of the show can be found all throughout Doane’s campus.

In Burrage Hall, junior Ashely Leinen is a casual watcher of the show. Leinen said she started watching the show three years ago, after overhearing people’s continual conversations about the show. She decided to give the show a shot and has been a fan ever since. 

“I found the show oddly addicting and secretly funny,” she said. 

When it comes to how romance is portrayed on the show, Leinen says she appreciates how audiences see people valuing quality time spent together and how dating expectations are clearly set by contestants. 

Meanwhile across campus, junior Jacinda Davis settles into her Hansen suite. Davis says her suitemates gather on their couch every week during the show to drink grape juice and gossip about what is happening and share their predictions for future episodes. 

“I am enjoying the twists of this current season and am excited to see where the season will go from here,” Davis said. 

 Davis first started watching “The Bachelor” when she was in middle school with her parents. “Strangely enough, it was my dad that got me into watching the show,” Davis said. 

Though she enjoys the outlandish nature of the show, Davis says the show is not a realistic portrayal of romance and what it should look like. I watch it for entertainment, she says, not for setting guidelines for my dating life. 

“The Bachelor” captures the hearts and imaginations of its viewers, allowing them to see the crazy effects of love. The show has endured for almost 20 years because of its unconventional methods of showing love and exhibits no sign of stopping any time soon.