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Alumnus returns home

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Doane alumnus Tanner Boesiger is on campus once again. The 2018 Doane graduate accepted an adjunct position to teach ART 107 Two Dimension Design (2D Design) in Doane's Art Department.


After working as the creative director at a small local startup, Boesiger saw an opening for an adjunct professor.


“I reached out to my mentor who is the graphic design professor, Meghan Gaul, and she said, ‘Just go ahead and apply and we’ll get you through the process,’” Boesiger said. “It was kind of a shock, I assumed I wasn’t gonna get it but with the amount of professional experience I had it was enough to get my foot in the door. ”


After going through the hiring process, Boesiger was offered the position.


Upon graduating from Doane, Boesiger originally wanted out of Nebraska. The Nebraska native wanted to get out of his comfort zone and challenge himself. 


“After I applied to 50 or 60 applications outside of Nebraska and got no job offers,” Boesiger said, “I was mainly trying to get into a graphic design agency or marketing agency.”

After Boesiger’s wife, Annie, got a job teaching in the state, they ended up staying in Nebraska and bought a house. 

While at Doane, Boesiger did freelance work starting his freshman or sophomore year. He would do favors for friends or logo work for local brands and businesses. He also started his own business, Boesiger Design Company.

“Ever since then I have enjoyed the freelance life,” Boesiger said. “When you get a creative project, especially when it’s representing someone visually, you really have to learn who they are and have a very intimate conversation.”

Connections, relationships and creating are things that Boesiger is extremely passionate about. Being an extrovert and artist, the fields of graphic design and art were no brainers for Boesiger.

In the classroom, Boesiger is most looking forward to the absence of technology.

“I am so stoked to not be on a computer,” Boesiger said.

The simplicity of the course offers a unique opportunity for creators to be weighed down by choices and options.

“The less decisions you have to make, the more creative the process can be,” Boesiger said. “It’s literally just black sharpie and paper. That's badass. I’m very into the idea of simplifying it and finding out what makes 2D design functional and beautiful.”

Boesiger will teach two sections of the course in-person with about nine students in each class. Each student will have their own workspace that will be disinfected after each use. This course will also fulfill the Human Creativity portion of the FAK.

Boesiger is excited for students to be engaged in their work and give what they wish to receive.

“If you’re not putting in the work, what’s coming out?” Boesiger said. “If you come in with the understanding of ‘if I put in a lot of work, I’m gonna come out with a lot of results,’ you’re setting yourself up to push through those places where you can't find motivation. You just keep on grinding.”

Boesiger is extremely excited to be back at his alma mater and is looking forward to helping other members of the Doane community have the same great experience that he had