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Doane community helps fellow student

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COVID has no doubt changed lives and caused many around the world to struggle financially. Senior Pedro Da Silva was one of those people.

Da Silva is a member of the Men’s Soccer team at Doane, and he is originally from São Paulo, Brazil. When he had issues being able to pay for his tuition, he turned to the community at Doane to help.

His problem stemmed from the effects of COVID and the difficulty he had being able to work.

“When Doane closed, I was no longer able to work since campus was closed,” Da Silva said.

This fall, he had even more issues being able to work as he was forced to quarantine for two weeks.

“In the end of September, I had to quarantine for two weeks because one of my roommates tested positive for COVID-19, and so I could not work for two weeks,” Da Silva said.

Da Silva said the tuition he still owed was from the past spring semester, which was overdue. The amount of money he needed to raise to be able to pay that off totaled $1,140. 

The decision to go to his friends and fellow students for help was thought about for a while, but eventually, Da Silva decided he needed the help and posted a GoFundMe page.

“I was thinking a lot before [creating the page], but I decided to do it, and people were amazing and helped a lot,” Da Silva said.

The page, created on Oct. 9, was instantly shared by numerous people trying to help him however they could. According to the page created by Da Silva, 82 different people shared the story. 

These shares don’t take into account the numerous people who helped popularize his page on sites like Instagram and Snapchat, so it is safe to say there were considerably more shares than what is shown on his page.

His goal was met quickly; according to Da Silva, it took less than a day to raise the full amount with additional donations coming in the next day. 

“In fact, it was pretty fast and very impressive for me. It's crazy how people care about me,” Da Silva said. 

The total tally of donations came up to $1,540 with 40 total donors. With the extra money he raised, Da Silva said he will use the money to help him cover his rent, food, utilities and tuition for this fall semester.

Da Silva shared his immense gratitude to all who donated and shared his story.

“I would like to thank everyone a lot… I am so thankful, and this is something that I will never forget, and this makes me know that we live around great people,” Da Silva said.

Da Silva also expressed thanks to those who helped him. He would like to pay it forward one day, stating that if there was another student in need of help like he was, he would not hesitate to help them as well. 

The story of Pedro Da Silva shows the type of people who call Doane home. The immediate support for another student who was in need of help shows that Doane truly is a tight-knit community-- one full of caring individuals.