Students want off campus

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In a survey sent out by the Owl, 71.4 percent of Doane students would prefer to live off-campus if requirements weren’t set in place. 

The requirements to move off-campus are as follows: 

  • Students who have successfully completed 90 credits 

  • Commuters must live at home with their guardian(s) within a 40-mile radius of Doane University 

  • Students are married or have a dependent child 

  • Extenuating circumstances 

The requirements can be found at Off-Campus Living

Senior Shaylee Scranton has a list of complaints about on-campus residency. 

Scranton said the primary cons of living on-campus are the meal plan and housing costs. 

“The inflexibility is atrocious,” Scranton said. “The cost of housing is also somewhat bizarre when you get down to it.” 

According to Hall Costs, the cost of a double room at Doane University is $1,500 per semester. A double room is a room that holds two residents. Annually, a student paying for a double room is $3,000. 

With living on campus, you’re required to have a meal plan. Each meal plan costs $2,560 per semester. The private room and meal plan combined is $8,120. 

Scranton said the freedom of living off-campus is preferred. 

“I have much more control over my diet now since I'm not required to be on a meal plan,” Scranton said. “There's also more freedom in general.” 

Senior Alexis Dale said the cost of living off-campus is cheaper. 

Dale said students are in less debt and get refund checks as a result of the off-campus residence.

 “[Being off-campus]  is an experience I think that a lot of people enjoy, you save money and you choose everything for yourself,” Dale said. “It’s cheaper than living off-campus.” 

Dale likes the independence of living off-campus. 

“You get to get a taste of what it’s like to actually live like an adult,” Dale said. “You hold yourself more accountable.”

Junior Alex Allen lives on-campus although he speculates there are benefits to living off-campus including having your own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. 

Freshman Elijah Smith said he would enjoy off-campus residence. 

“I feel that living off-campus could be nice,” Smith said. “It could be cheaper than living on campus.”

Smith has yet to meet the requirements to move off-campus. 

“I will be trying to get a position as a CA to help relieve some of the financial stress,” Smith said.  

“If I wasn't graduating in May, I would without a doubt continue living off-campus,” Scranton said. “It just saves so much money to live off-campus, and you have more personal freedom.”