My Chemical Romance reunion sparks memories for Doane students

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Many of the lead singer's lyrics, Gerard Way, are an inspiration for listeners who are able to relate to the songs that the band produces.

No Mom, it’s not a phase.

Being “emo” is a lifestyle for those who consider themselves emo or who once were. Many Doane students were emos at one point in their life and some still are.

One album that all these students have a connection to during this period of their life is “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance.

“I would listen to the album three times a day,” freshman Alaynna Pedersen said.

Pedersen said the album’s rebellious theme drew her to listen to it. Her Christian mother didn’t allow her to listen to this album, so Pedersen would delete and redownload it off the Apple Store whenever her mom would look at her music.

Along with a feeling of rebellion, students said they connected with this album because it would help them get through tough times. Whether that be at school or with family.

Both Freshman Olivia McBeth and sophomore Jessica Jensen connect to the lyrics found in the song “Famous Last Words”.

“I’m not afraid to keep on living,” lead singer Gerard Way sings. “I’m not afraid to walk this world alone.”

McBeth said she felt like this was her anthem. It helped her let her feelings go, frustration, anger, and sadness. She could get herself in a better state of mind, to escape into another world. Jensen said she felt that this song made her feel that it wasn’t a bad thing to be alone.

While these students were once emos, some students still haven’t gotten out of their phase.

Freshman Salem Kessler said they have been living the emo lifestyle since they were 11 or 12.

“(I’m) still 19 and dye my hair constantly,” Kessler said.

Kessler said they connected to the album because it made them feel different and weird, which is the kind of lifestyle this record strived them to get. They also said they felt that the album was nonconformist and against societal norms, which is what they wanted to be as well.

While the album’s pull with these students is the angsty rebellious feel to it, these students also like the emotional weight “The Black Parade” holds.

Kessler said they could relate with the song “Cancer” for their great-grandma passed away from cancer last November. They said they felt it was nice to hear someone else talk about the same kind of loss.

“‘’Cause all my hairs abandoned all my body,” Way wrote in this tearjerker. “Baby I’m just soggy from the chemo. But counting down the days to go.”

It’s these types of emotional lyrics that have helped these students feel connected, empowered, different, weird, rebellious, and all the other angsty themes this album encapsulates.

So at the end of Oct. when My Chemical Romance announced they were reuniting for their first live show since 2012, these students couldn’t describe how it felt to hear the news.

“If I wasn’t college kid poor, I would definitely go see them live,” Kessler said.

The reunion will happen on Dec. 20, at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

“The Black Parade” was released on Oct. 26, 2006. It is s a rock opera telling the story of a character titled “The Patient,” his apparent death, experiences in the afterlife and reflections on his life.