Wishing upon a star for Disney

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Disney College

Junior Teresa Goodwater will be interning in Orlando, Florida this semester. She accepted a Disney College Program, D.C.P., Internship.

Goodwater will work in attractions in Disney World for the spring semester. “I could be in any of the parks doing anything from the main gate welcoming guests, to a broadway-like show, to working on a ride like a Splash Mountain,” said Goodwater.

Not only is Goodwater’s internship paid, but housing is included and she is allowed to bring her emotional support animal Bama. Goodwater said it is a tradition to not know living arrangements until arriving at Disney World. “I have a small exception since I’m bringing Bama,” said Goodwater. “I just know I’m living with up to five women.”

Outside of the internship, Goodwater will get to enjoy the park free of charge.

Her interest in applying at Disney has been present since 2010 as an 11-year-old. “The seed was planted in my mind,” said Goodwater.

The application process is competitive. About 50,000 young adults apply each year while 12,000 are accepted according to the Orlando Sentinel. Applications for spring 2020 opened in Aug. 2019. Goodwater received her acceptance letter in the third round of acceptances in Sept. 2019.

“I am nervous about leaving my friends and family,” Goodwater said, “but the career connections I will make in Florida will be worth it.”

Senior Paige Patton accepted an internship for D.C.P. in her junior year. Patton worked at a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. “Along with working at a restaurant,” said Patton, “I was able to take a lot of cool classes, like a theatre class talking with professional actors, stage managers, and designers at the parks.”

Patton gave Goodwater advice, “Go on backstage tours, stay at the resort you haven’t before and try all of the food,” said Patton. “Really take it all in!”

Patton and Goodwater both love Disney. Goodwater said she grew up watching Disney movies and they made her feel good, no matter the circumstances. When asked about her favorite Disney princess, Goodwater said it was Rapunzel. “I think that a lot of people can identify with her,” she said.

Patton visited Disney World four times and Disneyland three times before her internship. “My mom and grandma would always try to take my sister and me to the parks whenever they could,” said Patton.

She agreed with Goodwater about Disney’s purpose. “Disney takes you aside and says everything is going to be okay,” Patton said.

In the future, Goodwater hopes to work in Human Resources at Disney.

“The College Program is a great stepping stone for the company,” said Goodwater. “A lot of the people who end up working there long term started in the college program.”

As Rapunzel from the movie “Tangled” once asked, “Haven’t any of you ever had a dream?”

Goodwater and Patton lived their dreams and became D.C.P. interns.