National Transfer Student Week

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Transfer students share a unique experience in earning their degree and each year are celebrated along with the professionals who support them on their journey. 

National Transfer Student week was October 21 through 25 according to the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students.

Academic sophomore Luke Urbonavicius came to Doane in the spring semester of 2019.

Before Doane, Urbonavicius went to Regis University in Denver, CO, and then Metro Community College. 

Urbonavicius has friends that attended Doane and became interested in a small university where he could compete in athletics. 

When he visited campus before he transferred, he automatically noticed how welcoming Doane was including his admissions counselor Tim Moulton and head track coach Ed Fye. 

He said a big reason he chose Doane was the small class sizes. One of his classes only has six people which gives plenty of time for one-on-one attention from the professor. 

“Doane felt like home,” Urbonavicius said. 

As a transfer student, though, his experience at Doane differs from students who come in as freshmen. 

Especially coming in the spring, he faced the challenges of making friends after others had gotten to know each other for a semester already. He also did not go through freshman orientation which helps students get to know the campus and socialize with other new students. 

His biggest challenge transferring, which many transfer students face, is maximizing credits earned from previous schools and waiting for paperwork to go through the system. 

The NISTS celebrates not only students like Urbonavicius, but counselors and coaches like Moulton and Fye who put in the time and effort to make sure transfer students have a positive transfer experience. 

Moulton is the transfer and international admission counselor at Doane. He is the point of contact for students looking to transfer to Doane and assists in the process of getting them admitted. 

Potential transfer students are also in contact with coaches if they are looking to come for athletics, as well as other offices, like students who come in as freshmen. 

“Every transfer student’s journey to Doane is different,” Moulton said.

National Transfer Student Week is an annual event that happens every third week in October.