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Students critique "caf" food

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Before COVID-19, the Cafeteria, colloquially known as the “Caf,” was a buffet-style dining hall. Now, students are given pre-packaged boxes of food and cannot eat inside the Caf. The menu has also experienced some changes that students have mixed views on.

Junior Kasey Johannssen believes the changes the Caf has undergone are a step in the right direction.

“It’s better but not immensely better… I think the food has been better because of the pandemic because… if they don’t make the food better, people are going to be more miserable. I think they’ve also made a schedule of food and have been looking at what people are eating more and can build meals around that,” Johannssen said.

Sophomore Jacob Patrick shares Johannssen’s beliefs in that the Caf has seen an improvement.

“I think the food quality has gone up in part because they might take more time to prepare the food, and I have noticed an increase in the variety of food. I think the Caf has branched out for meals they serve, and in my opinion, they’re better meals. I don’t know if anything behind the scenes changed, but I am personally satisfied with the food 75 percent of the time…” Patrick said.

However, there are some, like sophomore Noah Reestman, who have not noticed much positive change in the Caf.

“I’d say [in terms of quality], it’s about the same, maybe a little worse. Not being able to eat in the Caf ruins the atmosphere and causes the food to diminish in quality because you have to walk back [to your dorm], and food can get soggy or spill in your bag,” Reestman said.

In terms of offering feedback, Johannssen believes the Caf should “take in more student consideration.” Patrick said offering more food options would be better.

“If you listen to people, they’ll tell you what they want. Also, I think they need to allow students to get more food, before you were allowed to eat as much as you want…” Johannssen said. 

“I would like the Den to be open during dinner time and in the evening because sometimes I’d rather eat later, but I also understand that because of COVID rules they aren’t doing that,” Patrick said.

While students may disagree over Caf improvements, none of the critiques or criticisms are directed towards the staff who work to help feed Doane students. Instead, opinions have been aimed at the higher-ups and the people who make decisions.