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"Pokémon Go" club awaits for financial support

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Members of the club participate in what they call "raids", in which the group meets up together to catch valuable Pokemon.

“Pokémon Go” may have declined in popularity, but a group of Doane students have created a club to “catch ‘em all.”

Senior Peter Strobel spearheaded the club. He described it as a way for students to escape their normal routine.

“The mission of the Doane Pokémon Go Club (DPGC) is to offer an environment for students to enjoy the popular app while encouraging social cooperation, an active lifestyle and a break from the daily grind,” Strobel said.

The club is still in its beginning stages. Strobel said it was just recently approved by Student Congress (StuCo). The club is now applying for allocations.
Sophomore Garrett Reese is a current member of the club. As of right now, Reese said that the group consists of a Snapchat group chat.

The Snapchat group has around 20 members. Members will post in the chat about upcoming “raids” that everyone can take part in.

“There will be this giant Pokémon that kind of appears. So a ton of people gather and they all battle that Pokemon and you have a chance to catch it,” Reese said.
Strobel said that the club is open to anyone, even if they are not interested in the game.

He said that club is another way for students to explore the community and socialize with friends. Reese said that the club has already given him another social setting on campus.

Strobel said that because of colder weather on the horizon, the club would be less active on a day to day basis. Strobel said the club will be making monthly trips to Lincoln in the spring. Mtake part take part in monthly “Pokémon Go” community days.

Strobel said the club will be more present on campus once they get StuCo allocations.

“Once allocations are complete, the DPGC will hold monthly meetings for the group and biweekly meetings its leadership,” Strobel said. “In addition to these meetings, the DPGC will hold events that go along with the major and minor events and community days of Pokémon Go.”

“Pokémon Go” was initially released in the summer of 2016 and was an immediate hit among the public. The game is played on a cell phone and involves a virtual world where people can act as Pokémon trainers. Virtual Pokémon are projected right in front of the player.

This is called augmented reality. Pokémon are able to be found around peoples’ communities. The goal of the game is to catch Pokémon and battle with other players. Trading Pokémon is also possible between players.
At peak popularity, the game received national acclaim. It became famous as a video game that kept people active and outdoors.