Improv team wants YOU

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Improv pic

Doane students participate at an improv event.

Absolutely Unprepared is under new leadership with seniors Lydia James and Wyatt Jorgensen at the helm.

Absolutely Unprepared is Doane’s Improv team. 

Last semester Absolutely Unprepared transitioned from monthly performances to none. 

“It does really suck for the people that made the team and never got to perform,” James said. “This semester is a clean slate.” 

Jorgensen said he’s seen a lot of changes. 

“I’ve seen [the improv team] change quite a lot in the past years. We have always been striving to make better changes,” Jorgensen said. “We have tried to strengthen it and bring in new people.”

“For Wyatt and I, we want it to keep going,” James said. “We want it to thrive and become something again.” 

Jorgensen said his improv journey started in high school. 

“My senior year I would be in shows and I had gotten some decent roles,” Jorgensen said. “I really liked improv.” 

Jorgensen got a few people together and brought back the improv team at Lincoln Southwest High. 

“I and a group brought it back,” Jorgensen said. “I know it was there a few years after.”  

The one consistent part of Jorgensen’s theatre history is improv. 

“I accidentally slept through first semester’s auditions freshmen year,” Jorgensen said. “Next semester I got on the team and have been on it ever since.”

James said the transformation from her junior year to now is crazy. 

“I remember auditions the first time I auditioned for Doane Improv,” James said. “It was very hard for me to just let go and just do what came to my head.” 

James said no one knows everything about improv.

“It’s like saying you know everything about science or you know everything about physics,” James said. “There’s constantly new things that can happen and new things that can be created.” 

“It’s become easier for me to take a step back and see potential in some people,” James said.

James gave advice about improv auditions. 

“Everyone is scared,” James said. “Just don’t care. Don’t second guess yourself. We want to see you just try and put yourself out there.” 

“That’s the biggest barrier,” James said. “Just getting past your own head. Just be fluid. Go with the flow.”

James said what her ideal improviser is.  

“In my mind, a good improviser is not always funny,” James said. “We look for the ability to adapt quickly and being able to be dynamic as a performer.” 

“I look for characters,” James said. “I’m not always looking for the punchline, but knowing when a punchline should land.” 

Jorgensen knows what to look for as auditions approach. 

“One of the hardest things is putting yourself out there,” Jorgensen said. “If you’re willing to put yourself out there, that is the major step.” 

“I want people to come and have a fun time. If you’re willing to work with people to create scenes and stories you’re always welcome,” Jorgensen said. 

Jorgensen encouraged people to audition. 

“With improv, you just go up there and create,” Jorgensen said. 

“Forget about pleasing the audience, Jorgensen said. “Just go up and create stories with some friends.”

“It’s not all performing, it’s creating,” Jorgensen said. 

“[Improv] is a fun escape from classes and homework,” James said. “It’s just a good way to get involved with theatre without the time commitment of a show.”

Auditions for the improv team will be held Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. in the Conservatory.