Students enjoy new events on campus

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Campus Life recently teamed up with The Gamers United In Leading Doane, otherwise known as The Guild, on campus for a Super Smash Brothers tournament. 

Director of Campus Life Sarah Campfield helped plan the Super Smash Bros. tournament with The Guild in Lakeside on Thursday.

Campfield said that Super Smash Bros. was requested many times by students, so they began to plan this event. 

The “tournament” did not actually happen, though, as many students could not stay for the entire time. 

“However, many students were in and out due to their busy schedules and so it ended up just being a more fun gaming experience,” Campfield said.

The event began as six against six for the first few rounds, however many of the players had to leave in the middle of it. Instead, the event turned into a free-play for students.

Senior Erin Lahowetz, a member of The Guild, said that Campus Life “provided the TV's and decorations and guild provided the gaming consoles and the game itself. Then we just had people come and play smash Bros. to destress and have fun.”

“There was a great turn out of students to the event and everyone seemed to really enjoy it - whether they were watching from the sidelines or playing,” Campfield said.

The Guild group only has one more event planned for this semester. Lahowetz said that they are holding a charity stream to raise money for the Omaha Children’s Hospital. 

The Guild holds this charity stream every year on their twitch stream. “We are hoping to raise $750 and will have lots of fun milestones to get us there,” Lahowetz said.

Campfield and the rest of Campus Life have already begun planning a CandyLand event for December. They are also planning to work with The Guild again on a MarioKart tournament early next semester. 

“Campus Life will host another Gaming Tournament in February. The plan is to collaborate with The Guild to put on a MarioKart Tournament. However, we are open to requests on the game night,” Campfield said.

Both The Guild and Campus Life have already begun planning new events and continue to accept requests from students on what they would enjoy.