Cardinals leave the nest, gain their stripes

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Crete seniors signed their letters of intent for Doane University on Wednesday.

High school students have plenty of options for colleges to attend. 

Some students want to get as far away from their parents as possible, while others want to stay close. 

For some Crete High School students, Doane is too close for comfort, but for others it is their home near home. 

Sophomore Aztryd Lima went to Crete Public Schools from her first day of preschool until her senior graduation. 

Lima chose Doane because to her it felt like home. 

“It’s this feeling, you can’t describe, but you know it’s the right choice,” Lima said.  

Crete senior Zach Turner signed his letter of intent to be on the Doane Track and Field team on Wednesday. 

Turner chose Doane because of the people, the relationships he has with former Crete students attending Doane and the track team. 

“The coaches and athletes who are on the track team now welcomed me with open arms from the first day I stepped into the field house,” Turner said. 

The atmosphere of the team and expectations of winning won him over on coming. 

“I’ve always had a gut feeling that I would end up at Doane for a few years now,” Turner said. 

Sophomore Carson Deisley spent his childhood in Crete Public Schools and returned back to Crete High School his senior year after three years in Lincoln. 

He had been to campus often and had connections to staff members working at Doane. 

Deisley’s graduating class was, as a majority, against staying in Crete, and most decided against going to Doane. 

“It felt like you were in a different town once you fully got into Doane’s campus,” Deisley said. “The town of Crete is a lot different when you start realizing these [houses and apartments] are places college kids are living.”

Turner had concerns in the beginning of his decision process because he didn’t feel he would get the real feel of college while being so close to home, but after some thought and conversations his concerns subsided. 

“I realized I had control over that [feeling so close to home],” Turner said. “I can go home as often as I want, but I can also have my distance.”

Lima said it has been difficult not experiencing a new environment, but the opportunity Doane provides for her to study abroad next semester makes Doane worth it.  

“I may not experience a new town, but I am going to experience new countries and in my opinion, that is so much better,” Lima said. 

Deisley gave advice to future freshmen coming in from Crete High School. 

“Even though you’ve been there maybe your whole life or you’ve been there for maybe a couple years, you’re about to step into, it feels like, a whole new town,” Deisley said. “Utilize the areas you do know and are comfortable with [in Crete] in order to get more settled.”

Lima said Crete students should not close their minds to Doane solely because it’s in the same town. 

“This place really is home and I have never found any other university that cares as much as Doane does,” Lima said.