Jameson Officer-Thurston records his own music from a home studio. Officer-Thurston has three albums out on Spotify, Apple Music and Sound Cloud. 

Sophomore Jameson Officer-Thurston was curious about music starting at a young age. 

“I always heard music on the radio and wondered how people were actually able to make music like that,” Officer-Thurston said. 

Officer-Thurston writes and records his own music from his home.

He started recording music his sophomore year of high school. He said at that time he was able to afford the equipment it takes to record and the program he wanted to work with, FI Studio. 

The first song Officer-Thurston recorded was called “Young Rapper.”

           Under the name Young O-T, Officer-Thurston has three albums out on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.

He put out his newest single “Phone Calls” earlier this year. 

“‘[Phone Calls]’ was basically about me looking towards the future and visualizing the success that I want in my life to then help support my family,” Officer-Thurston said. 

Officer-Thurston said he finds a lot of inspiration for his music from Tyler the Creator. 

“I record my music whenever I feel inspired by a beat or an idea I have for a song,” Officer-Thurston said. 

Officer-Thurston is a film and media production major. He wants to pursue performing music and producing because his music is based on beats he created. 

Officer-Thurston has a collection of songs that he has been making at home, but is waiting on an idea for a solidified project to release them.