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Up and coming artist transfers to Doane

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Doane students are always full of surprises and when it comes to Tyler Harpenau you will be astonished.

Harpenau is a Nebraska native that transferred from Gillette College in Wyoming. He has a very uplifting attitude that just puts a smile on your face, and that smile just gets bigger when you hear him singing while playing his guitar. 

“It all started when I first moved to Gretna, and I got involved in my school’s choir” said Harpenau. His first real experience recording music came when his music teacher returned from Africa and took his fourth grade class to a recording studio to record African tribe music for the Discovery Channel. “After that I was in love with music, and I got my first guitar around then” said Harpenau.

When it comes to Harpenau’s style he’s gone through a slew of different genres but as of now he is sticking to a Nebraska classic, country rock.

“It plays heavily off of Johnny Cash and, Chris Stapleton, old and new types of country,” said Harpenau.

But oddly enough Harpenau explains that he relates to Post Malone the most, “I love his music and he started playing classic rock when he was younger, and I grew up on classic rock so I relate to him on that aspect and he also created his own genre mixing different types of genres and I feel like I mostly resemble that, being able to engulf many different genres”. 

Harpenau is also a part of a 20 year old band called “The Ancient Greek Gods” that he started doing gigs with this past summer. Harpenau has been playing at 88 Tactical, and Buck’s Bar and Grill where he opened for Mike and The Moonpies

Harpenau is looking to make a career out of music and aims to make it big, so big that he could make a move on his celebrity crush Miley Cyrus. “She went crazy, but she’s cute now” said Harpenau.

Keep a look out for the name Tyler Harpenau because he is going places. Follow him on instagram @tyleranthony5, his YouTube channel is Tyler Anthony, and you can listen to his album Pilot on spotify Harpenauorlater

Harpenau will also be performing at “Alpha Pi Epsilon’s: Summer Ends Xtravaganza” on September 20th.