Journalism Professor David Swartzlander is retiring at the end of this term after 22 years of teaching at Doane.

While he may be leaving, his legacy will stay at Doane with funds being raised for the department to honor him.

Swartz taught journalism classes and was the faculty advisor for Doane Student Media. DSM includes The Doane Owl, 1014 Magazine and Doaneline.

Senior Caitlyn Nelson wanted to honor Swartz by starting a fundraiser for the journalism department.

“I started this project in January of this year. I worked with Jacqueline Hinrichsen, Senior Development Officer at Doane, to get the campaign started,” Nelson said. “I wanted to bring in money and support for the journalism program since Swartz has done so much for this department for the last 20-plus years.”

Part of the campaign included a Zoom reunion with journalism and DSM alumni. During this reunion, alumni shared memories of Swartz and celebrated his retirement.

About 45 alumni were able to attend.

One such alumni, Andy Pray, who graduated in 2002, is taking his donation to another level.

According to the Doane Journalism Fund’s Donation Page, Pray will match $50 per donor up to $5,000 in the next 13 days.

The money raised will go towards future trips and training for DSM.

Some favorite "Swartz memories" included trips to Washington D.C. to cover inaugurations. More "Swartz memories" included putting the paper together in the journalism lab. The most popular memory was Swartz’s infamous question. “Any questions, complaints, concerns, criticism, quibbles, quips, queries, quotes, quandaries or qualms?”

In 2006, Swartz won the Leadership Nebraska Award presented by the Nebraska Press Association. He won this for taking his students to cover presidential inaugurations in Washington D.C. He was also inducted into the College Media Association Hall of Fame in 2019.

“There are going to be many changes coming to the department, but I wanted to leave Swartz's legacy there,” Nelson said. “I wanted him to be recognized for everything he has done for his students and the department. He spent so many late nights with the Owl staff when we put the paper together. Swartz has gone above and beyond his job description in order for his students to succeed.”

Funds can be donated using the Doane Journalism Fund’s Donation Page. As of May 2, the fundraiser has reached 14 percent of it’s goal.