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Students eagerly await Stop Day

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Stop Day

Students participate in the annual Stop Day event; canoe races. 

The date is unknown.

So is the time.

The event is Stop Day

A good time is guaranteed.

The annual Stop Day hasn’t happened yet, but the campus is looking forward to it.

Students enjoyed games and activities last year, such as canoe racing, slip n’ slides, giant twister and many more.

Student Congress determines the events of Stop Day. Mady Vogel, junior and student congress president, said there will not be giant twister but there will be Ultimate Frisbee. Other than those changes, events will be the same.

Vogel said she loved planning Stop Day and watching the student body get excited about it. She said she had fun with the surprise aspect and the reveal of Stop Day. Vogel said during Stop Day she liked watching students get competitive and have fun.

Sophomore STUCO senator Brandon Crom said there will be a cool down station. This is for students who are not interested in participating in the events but still want to be a part of the experience.

Crom said he liked getting out of class for the day and the atmosphere of Stop Day. Crom said he didn’t take part in the events but enjoyed watching them with friends.

“My favorite part about Stop Day is how everyone gets together and gets excited,” said junior Shawn Kincade. “My favorite activity last year was the slip ‘n slide (which happened off campus).”

Kincade is looking forward to Stop Day because of the entertaining things that happen, he said. He said people have fallen out of and tipped over canoes while racing across the lake and other funny bloopers.

Sophomore Maggie Elliot said her favorite part about Stop day last year was the talent show. At the talent show, students sang songs, did dances, performed skits and presented talents.