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How do Doane students deal with long distance relationships?

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College students get creative when it comes maintaining long distance friendships.

Sophomore Grace Su, who is from California said, “I make sure to text and call (friends) every so often.”

Students know the perils of living far away. They know the best ways to get around them is to stay in touch with the people they care about most.

“The importance of our friendships though is that we know the other is busy and that no matter what we are there if the other needs it,” Senior Haileigh Arthur said.

“We don’t need to talk every day to remember we are best friends.”
The internet makes it easier to keep track of people from a distance.
Some of these online outlets include:







These are just a few of the sites and apps that college students use to stay close to these friends.

“Social media helps me to stalk my friends,” one student said in a survey conducted by the Owl.

“Even if they’re far away, I still know what’s going on in their lives and am keeping up on everything. They know that I still care.”
Being far away doesn’t have to mean it’s the end.

It will just take more time and effort than it may have in the past.
An article on The Cut suggests some ways maintain these friendships. Some ideas included:

- Keep creating new memories. - Don’t let the old ones be the end and fade into the past.

- Put in the work. - Don’t give on a friendship that is worth your while.

- Treat it the same, but not the same. - You want everything to stay the same, but things have to change in order for the friendship to grow and flourish.

“We just make sure to deliberately and actively stay in touch,” Senior Jackie Lewis said of her friendships.

Students are finding new ways to keep in touch with their friends from home.
Junior Adam Crampton says that he uses video games as a way to keep in touch with these friends. He can catch up with them while playing the games they bonded over in the past.