Students get involved with Pumpkin Festival

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Phi Sigma Tau Jesse Coble (left) plays Ben Otieno (right) in pig races.

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.

        Doane students joined hundreds of people at the Crete Great Pumpkin Festival’s main event on Sunday, Oct. 6.

        During this event, various businesses and organizations set up booths and volunteered their time and resources from noon to 5 p.m. in the downtown area of Crete.

        Junior Hayden Fry along with other Delta Kappa Pi members set up and supervised a dunk tank game. He was one of the lucky DKP members that sat in the dunk tank.

        “Anytime we can give back to the community is great. We had a great time,” Fry said.

        Amanda Cook volunteered at the pie-eating contest and ball and pumpkin drops along with fellow Omega Psi Theta members including Aztryd Lima and her sister Ashley.

        Cook helped by bringing pumpkin pies over from Food Mart to the contest area, cutting the pies, setting up tables and chairs, collecting waivers and informing the contestants of the pie-eating contest about the rules.

        The Phi Sigma Tau members held pig races for children to participate in. The children and Phi Sigma Tau members rolled dice and moved cups towards a finish line in a race to the finish line.

When the children finished the race a Phi Sigma Tau member awarded them with pig noses that they could wear.

“This was my first time at the pumpkin festival so I was excited to see what it was all about,” Phi Sigma Tau member Kennedy Scheele said. “When I got there and saw all the families and kids having tons of fun, I was excited to take part in it.”

Sigma Phi Theta worked the “Hammer Hit” booth. At this booth, participants used a sledgehammer to test the strength of their swing. 

“Any time you can get the community to come together like this, it’s a really cool setting,” Sigma Phi Theta member Anthony Moyer said. 

Other organizations that helped included Relay for Life, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Gamma Phi Iota and more.

Renee Lukowicz participated in a different capacity. She danced at the intersection of 12th and Main Street with the group Put On Your Dancing Shoes, where she is a jazz and lyrical instructor and also with the Doane dance team.

“My favorite part was seeing the reaction of the community,” Lukowicz said. “Young kids started dancing along with us.”