Relay for life fundraiser kicks off

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Relay for Life will be held on April 3 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the Fuhrer Fieldhouse.

The week of Relay, there will be a signup to register for events, Senior Kalie Horky said.

Senior Logan Thurston is the entertainment and logistics co-chair. 

Thurston is excited about this year’s theme. 

This year’s theme is Rock Out to Knockout Cancer,” Thurston said. “So kind of a Rock and Roll 80’s theme.” 

Horky oversees the executive committee. The executive team has prepared neon in the dark for the night of the event. Horky said there will be black lights surrounding the track. 

Thurston said fundraising and educating people about Relay is important.

“We also are trying to inform people where Doane’s Relay money goes,” Thurston said. The money goes to Hope Lodge in Omaha. Hope Lodge takes in and cares for patients with cancer.” 

This year’s fundraising goal is $45,000. 

“It’s a little lower than last year’s goal and that’s because we wanted to actually hit that goal and make it realistic,” Horky said. “We didn’t hit our goal last year [$55,000] so we looked at that number and reduced it to make it more feasible.”

Horky has been involved with Relay for Life since freshman year. 

Members of the executive team shared personal connections with Relay for Life. 

Horky’s love for Relay for Life has grown since freshman year. 

“I’ve been apart of it since freshman year and seeing the impact it has on people’s lives and the community around it,” Horky said. “How Doane and Saline County come together for one night just impacted my heart so much that I grew this love for it.” 

Horky lost her grandma to cancer senior year of high school. 

“Coming to Doane and being part of Relay it actually made me feel like she was a part of me and she was with me. I’m very hopeful. I felt loved especially during the luminary ceremony. Everything about that made me grow my love for Relay.”

To register or donate to Relay for Life visit the website.