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REVIEW: Red Dog Tavern great for college students

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With good drinks and plenty of entertainment, Red Dog Tavern is a popular choice for man Doane students.

It’s Thursday night.

Red Dog Tavern is packed.

Doane students and locals are crowding the bar stools and dance floor.

Drinks are flowing, lights are flashing and music is blaring -- Crete drinkers, Doane college-night attendees, you’re not in Eagles anymore.

Just a few weeks into February, Crete’s newest hangout, Red Dog Tavern opened up on Main Street, and ever since, the college-night focused bar, has seen success.

For good reason, too.

Red Dog doesn’t feel like your traditional small-town bar. The decor is eclectic, exposed brick walls are trendy and the large space allows for both relaxed seating around tables, to dancing, to playing pool.


Pool is one of the diversions Red Dog Tavern offers.

Imagine a bar in a downtown city, rather than Crete Nebraska, fill it with all your closests friends and add a bar-owner that knows your name, that’s what Red Dog has brought to Crete.

This isn’t to say that Crete’s other bars are bad. Eagle’s was the go to College Night hangout for years until Red Dog came into the picture. Eagle’s, however, always felt like us college students were invading the local’s territory.

At Eagle’s, music wasn’t a priority, more often-than-not golf was on the televisions and the lights stayed on, even into the wee hours of the evening.

At Red Dog, the environment feels much more geared toward college students, not just like the bar put on a “college bar” disguise once a week.

Music is key in the bar’s success so far. It’s loud, it’s done by a DJ and requests are welcome-- without having to pay money.

This brings the perks (dancing, duh) of a club in downtown Lincoln or Omaha right here to Crete, Nebraska.

When there’s no DJ, there’s karaoke. The only thing better than dancing to loud music is watching your peers drunkenly humiliate themselves when belting out the words to a country song.

While the music and dancing is a clear winner for Red Dog, a bar isn’t a bar without the booze, and at Red Dog, they’ve got the booze.

Housemade pickle vodka and pineapple jalapeno tequila give Doane students a taste of something a little different, and give Red Dog a trademark set of shots, aptly named “The Devil’s Pair.”

The signature drink, “The Red Dog,” gives a shout out to the classic Dirty Shirley, with a tropical twist of coconut rum.

They also offer all of your favorite drinks, at a low price, with great service.

Even when it’s Thursday night and the bar is packed, the bartenders are as attentive as they can be, with so many customers. The only improvement that could be made is to have one or two more bartenders, just to get drinks faster when there’s a large crowd.

College is stressful, and the lucky students who’ve made it to 21, get to relax and unwind with college night. College night has become even better with the addition of Red Dog Tavern.