Doane hosts Back to School Bash with a healthy twist

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This year’s Back to School Bash incorporated a different approach than those of the past.

Most of the time, the games offered are dodgeball, basketball, and the like. This year Doane has added a theme of wellness and had tables to represent the various different forms of health.

The annual Back to School Bash for students was held at 8 p.m. on Aug. 23.

This event is a way to get students excited to be back onto campus by offering free food and games. 

At the door students were handed a “passport” with information about the stations and activities offered, along with the nine forms of wellness covered by the event. 

Physical wellness offered sandwich sliders along with fruit smoothies. There was ample space for playing sports and games, such as basketball. You could try out the obstacle course, play king of the hill with friends or engage in a duel all in the form of different bouncy houses.

There was also an emotional wellness section to make a stress ball and color. Students were given materials to make their own stress balls out of balloons to promote a healthy emotional life. 

While there was not a table or station for environmental wellness, students were encouraged to recycle all of the materials used during the event. 

The social wellness of the event was also not in the form of a table or station, but rather the event itself. Students were allowed a space for socializing while making crafts or playing games, such as jenga and twister. 

At the cultural wellness station students made bracelets and origami to represent a few cultural activities. 

The intellectual wellness station had a game of giant Jenga with brainteasers on the blocks. The game incorporated an extra challenge of answering trivia questions to keep students on their toes.

The spiritual health table was run by the Interfaith team on campus. They offered supplies to make mindfulness jars and a space for students to discuss how they stay spiritually well. The mindfulness jars were for students to use when they are overthinking or overwhelmed to remind them to take a moment and focus on something else. 

The physical health station was run by the “Campus Advocacy, Prevention, and Education” Project. They had a game for students to practice how to be an "upstander" in stressful situations involving rape culture. The table offered informative brochures, magnets and free packets of lube with short sayings on them, advocating against rape culture.

Junior Shay Rosseter, who was helping run the C.A.P.E. table, said,  “Spreading awareness can be taxing, but it's easier when their are activities or games involved to explain the low-recognition tiers of violence that can lead to the higher tiers of violence like physical violence or rape.”

Rosseter went further to explain why it is important to pay attention to small problems, therefore preventing larger ones from arising when possible. 

The career wellness area provided peer mentors to discuss careers and a wheel for students to spin in order to win prizes. The wheel had questions such as, “What is the best job?” to engage students to think about their career goals. 

Overall, the event incorporated themes of wellness and health to engage students in dialogue while providing a space for fun.