Seniors jobs

The Coronavirus has hit many businesses and people hard, but soon-to-be college graduates are often overlooked. 

With seniors at Doane graduating soon, they are finding it difficult to find work. 

Among these seniors is Jack Bruner, an engineering student. Despite searching all over the nation for an entry level engineering job, he has been unable to find any success.

I have been turned down a lot because of the virus,” Bruner said. “The two places I had interviews over the phone turned me away.”

Fellow senior Connor O’Toole has had a different experience with the pandemic and his job search.

“I actually signed a contract with an accounting firm back in August of 2019 for after I graduate so I haven't had to search for a job right now,” O’Toole said.

Quint Geis from the College to Career Center believes that we won’t know the true impact of the pandemic due to many seniors still being in the application process. He also added that the C2CC is open for any students who are looking to find work and need help doing so.

“We are here for all students and want to offer assistance and resources,” Geis said. “We want to help students in their graduation process and what the next step looks like.

Bruner’s upcoming plans include continuing to apply for positions nationwide in addition to studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. 

O’Toole, an accounting and business double major, is not necessarily starting work right away, as there are requirements that still need to be met for the position.

This summer I will be studying and taking sections of the Certified Public Accountant exams. There are four exam sections each one will require roughly a month or a little more studying. I will begin work at HBE in September of 2020,” O’Toole said.

In these unprecedented times, students who need assistance in finding a job are encouraged to contact the C2CC for answers.

Students with any questions are welcome to contact the C2CC via The center is currently scheduling meetings through Zoom, email and over the phone.