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Review: "Nell Gwynn" is a must see production

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The full cast rehearses days before their opening night, which was Oct. 4. 

On October 4th, Doane theatre hosted their first play of the year, ‘Nell Gwynn.”

It delves into a story of Nell Gwynn and the controversial part she played in theatre during the 17th century. A time when women roles were given to the males.

The acting crew consisted of 12 individuals.

Junior Allison Baird played the role of Nell, and fully embodied the character through and through. The portrayal of the character was eloquently portrayed by Baird, from her subtle actions to the perfectly executed accent and everything in between.

“I thought she was very believable, it felt as if she really understood the role and how to effectively portray that to the audience,” senior Colin Appel said. “The accent aspect can be difficult to do, but I think she did a great job at making it authentic as possible for the majority of the play, if not the whole thing.”

For being the first production of the year it was executed well in all aspects, from the music, to lighting and production.

“My experience was great and I thought the play was terrific” freshman Marcos Miranda said. “I think everybody did a good job on doing accents for that time period. The play was entertaining and I enjoyed it the entire time. The costumes corresponded well with the play and the characters. In my opinion, all the actors/actresses played their role well and put on an entertaining show.”

Sophomore Jimmy Nguyen played Charles Hart, a mentor of Nell’s and the reason she became an actress in the first place. His convincing demeanor of his love for Nell was displayed in a manner that made me believe I was there in that moment. The delivery of his lines were precise and kept me interested the entire time.

The music within the play kept a light hearted mood throughout. With musicians playing instruments above the set, it felt like I was immersed in the time and place that had been laid out.

The production of this play overall was a success, especially for the fact being this was the very first of the year. The crew set a high standard for what is to come this year and what we should expect from them in the near future. The final day to view the play will be Saturday Oct. 6, I would highly recommend going and enjoying it for yourself.

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