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Door wars brings students together

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Doors Wars began in the resident halls on the first of September, designed by Resident Life to get the freshman class to interact with each other and be more social.

“The students have paper taped to the side of their door, and if CA’s go around throughout the day and see their door is open and their willing to have people come into their space and interact with everyone we initial it,” sophomore Frees Community Advisor Erin Benal said. “Whoever has the most signatures by the end of the month wins a prize.”

Benal also said the floor with the most initials gets a home cooked meal, and dessert from their CA.

A few freshman shared their opinions on Doors Wars and its benefits.

A student in Frees Hall put up curtains, lights, and had music playing. Another room had thought of making a cheese dip, she said.

Freshman Jerome Wallace said he enjoyed Doors Wars and believes it is helping freshmen get to know each other in easier ways. He said it helps less social students meet other people and get more comfortable with starting conversations.

Along with Jerome Freshman Azaiya Trainor agrees that Doors Wars are fun and a good opportunity for all students.

“Leaving your door open allows people to look in and ask what you’re doing, and why your door is open,” Trainor said.

Upperclassmen are not as involved with Doors Wars as the freshman because they have been here and are most likely living with friends or someone they know, said Benal.

Doors Wars will conclude at the end of the month with a lucky floor getting some sort of food as a prize for their participation.

Benal, Trainor, and Wallace all hope that the new ritual of doors wars will become a tradition that continues for years to come.