Busch Snow

Nebraska's projected snow fall according to Busch's website. 

Snowy weather never fails to make things a little worse for everyone. But this winter, beer drinkers may have a reason to venture out into the cold for a deal they can’t refuse. 

Busch kicked off 2020 by announcing their “Busch Snow Day” promotion. 

According to Busch’s website, they are offering a $1 rebate up to $30, for every inch of snow that falls in seven select cities between Jan. 1 to March 21. Rebates can be entered anytime until April 3, the total of the rebate will be determined on March 21 for all seven states. 

The seven selected cities where the snowfall will be measured include Des Moines, Iowa; Minneapolis, MN; Fargo, ND; Grand Rapids, MI; Buffalo, NY; Green Bay, WI and Omaha, Neb. 

For every inch of snowfall received in these cities, residents of these states who are 21 or older are eligible to apply for rebates. 

Though this offer may be good for some, senior Berkeley Meppem said that the process of getting the rebate may be too much of a hassle for his fast-paced lifestyle. 

Meppem compares Busch’s snow day promotion to Runza’s Temperature Tuesday. He said that if for Temperature Tuesday you had to send in a rebate after purchasing your Runza meal instead of them doing it in-store, it wouldn’t be as successful as it is. 

“I understand the issue with vendors and selling it [Busch] to so many places,” Meppem said. “It’s not just like a flat price so I can understand why they do a rebate.”

 Trends seem to show that consumers who don’t buy Busch are swayed to do so by the promotion. 

Senior Cheyenne Ostrander said that she doesn’t drink Busch Beer and that the rebate offer doesn’t make her want to do so. 

The rebate is eligible with the purchase of one or more packages of Busch 18-pack or greater and also Busch Non-Alcoholic 12-pack (cans or bottles). 

Residents in these states can visit my beer rebate and use receipts and zip code to receive rebates. 

Residents are limited to one submission per person. 

As of Jan. 27, Nebraska residents are currently at (5”) according to Busch’s website.