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KDNE: Something everyone can enjoy

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Doane’s radio station has several different shows that anyone can tune in and listen to.

Getting in the car, turning it on and finding the perfect radio station to listen to for your drive is a daily routine most people experience. But what if the perfect radio station was run and produced by the people you go to school with? It might just be at KDNE.

KDNE is a radio station run by students on Doane’s campus and is easily accessible through station 91.9. They have several different shows on air that cater to almost every interest, such as “Message in a Bottle, The Daily Vibe and Logan’s Unnamed Show”. 

Zach Swiec manages the students on staff, is the engineer for all equipment used by KDNE and assures that it is very easy to get involved with the radio station.

“You can either work for KDNE as a student worker in a management position or do a show or help out in some other way,” Swiec said. “You don’t need to be a certain major or anything like that; you can just email me and let me know what you’re thinking about, and we can go from there.”

There are a lot of opportunities available to students working for the radio. Students have the ability to create whatever they want, make a show that is truly what they want it to be and put it on air for all to hear.

“Everything is student-run, so we have a bunch of different shows. For example, if students are into sports, they want to talk about sports, they want to do play-by-plays, things like that, they’re certainly able to. In the future, we plan on having radio theater. We have a student working on radio theater, like sound effects and casting and writing scripts and things like that, for the future,” Swiec said.

The reason students enjoy listening to KDNE is because of the variety they offer. There is something for everyone. Junior Leslie Jensen enjoys the musical aspects from the station.

“I just enjoy the tunes,” Jensen said.

Many of KDNE’s listeners recommend this station to other students, such as (class) Jessica Jensen, who appreciates the fact that KDNE caters to almost every taste and interest students have.

“There is music played that everyone can enjoy,” Jessica said.

KDNE relies on word of mouth to make others aware of when to tune in. However, this is not the only way people find out about them. Swiec said the staff participates in events to spread the word about KDNE. 

The Daily Vibe did a lot of work with Nurse Kelly back when we were pre-Covid. They did goodie bags with Nurse Kelly for staying healthy and things like that,” Swiec said. “Usually during Club Craze we have a booth set up there. The shows usually put up posters for their shows promoting that way.”

Whatever you listen to, KDNE has something for everyone and provides students with an outlet to show their creativity.

Tune in to KDNE to hear the different radio personalities and to also hear a wide variety of music.


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