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Students participate in off and on-campus activities during Stop Day

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Stop Day t

Student Congress Stop Day staff t-shirts have "quotes" ranging from "everyone" to "Student Congress" sayings. 

Student Congress announced the annual Stop Day Event on April 14, at 6:21 p.m.  An announcement that caught students by surprise and kicked off a day with no classes. 

There were on-campus activities offered, such as canoe races and Doane Idol. Some students used this time to socialize with friends and partake in drinking. Stop Day took place on a Monday rather than in the middle of the week.

Ivan Ortega-Nguyen says that while he understands why students do it (drink), Student Congress prefers students not drink. “I don’t recommend you drink on stop day since it makes our lives harder when people are being rowdy,” Ortega-Nguyen said. “But I do understand where people come from when it comes to that.”

While many students use the night before, known as Stop Day Eve, and Stop Day itself for drinking and socializing, some students decided to go a different route with their Stop Day festivities. Junior Alex Lange and friends spent the night playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement of Smith Hall.

”I’ve decided not to drink because there are still expectations to be met as far as getting school work done,” Lange said. “I’m also planning on driving to Lincoln and I want to be sober for that.

For some 21 year olds they may choose not to drink, while some students feel they don’t have much of a choice due to their age, like Freshman Lauren Walther.

“There are a lot more fun situations that can happen when you’re not drunk,” Walther said. “When you’re sober you can have just as much fun as if you were drunk and some really crazy stuff can go down when you’re drunk.”