Is 24 hours enough for Doane students?

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It’s no secret that Doane students are busy people. You can ask any professor, staff member, faculty, alumni and sometimes even visitors on Doane’s campus they will all tell you the same thing, Doane students are busy. Even “Doane Chillers” are still pretty busy people even though they’re not overly involved. So we took a look into the life of five Doane students to see how busy they actually are. 

 Let’s take a look into life as a Doane student for these five students…



Name: Payton Zarkowski

Hometown: Benkelman, Nebraska

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting and Business Administration

Doane Involvement: I am on the Women’s golf team, Student Philanthropy committee, accounting club, the peer judicial board, Doane Cru, I am a personal tutor in accounting and business statistics, I work at the accounting help desk in the library and I am also a work-study for the advancement/ alumni office, as well as events.

Outside Doane Involvement: I am involved with the Crete Berean Church and their youth ministry as well as I am on the worship team. I am also interning for a CPA firm in Lincoln, Labenz and Associates. 

Why Are You Involved: Definitely coming from a small town/ school system, you had to be involved in everything it felt like, but even then I did it all because I enjoyed it not because I felt like I had to. 

Advice: Don’t get involved just because you feel like you have to. Life is too short to live in that mindset. Whether it is on-campus or off-campus do what you want to do, not what anyone else wants you to do. I would also say remember to take time solely for yourself as well. And lastly, write it all down!! Even though I say don’t just be involved because it looks good, do write it down because it is good to show your diverse experiences.



Name: Mady Vogel

Hometown: Gothenburg, Nebraska

Year: Senior

Major:Health and Society

Doane Involvement: Student Congress President, Gamma Phi Iota President, Student Ambassador, HMOC and on-campus job in the library

Outside Doane Involvement: Nanny for a local family and Bartend at Kramar bar

Connections Made: My best friends have come from these activities. The people are hands down the best part of this. I love getting to go to meetings and events just to see and grow relationships with people. Most of these people I wouldn't have been as close with if I hadn't joined these activities. 

Why is Being Involved Important: Doane has a lot to offer and by being involved you can meet new people and take advantage of all the things that Doane has to offer. It keeps you busy and can help you learn life long skills as well. On top of that, the relationships you build will last you longer than your time at Doane.

Do you need to Hold a Leadership Role: I think that this is different for every person; some people enjoy being in leadership positions and others don't. For each person as long as you feel as if you are doing what's best for the group and for yourself, that's what matters.

Is it important to be Involved: Doane has a lot to offer and by being involved you can meet new people and take advantage of all the things that Doane has to offer. It keeps you busy and can help you learn life long skills as well. On top of that, the relationships you build will last you longer than your time at Doane.



Name: Corbin Hubbell 

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Year: Senior

Major: History and political science

Doane Involvement: cross country indoor and outdoor track team, dance team, double-wide, show-choir, choir, president of turning point USA, Hansen leadership program, Newman club, treasurer of Alpha Pi Epsilon

Outside Doane Involvement:  I work every now and then, during the year on spring break or Christmas break I’ll work at the YMCA in Lincoln, I am a camp counselor there. I was in charge of what we call a “creative camp” over the summer where we have about 50 kids or so come in every week and we would have activities planned for them, we would go on field trips and basically watch them from 8 to 5 or 6 o'clock until their parents came and picked them up. 

Do You need to Hold a Leadership Role: I don’t think anyone needs a title in order to feel like they are a part of something. I personally like to be in leadership positions because I am a person who likes to know what is going on, I like to be in the loop, so I like to put myself in the loop. However, at the same time, there are also people in my organizations who are not entitled positions that I can come to and say ‘hey, I need help with this,’ and they’re always willing to step up and take that role. 

Is it Important to be involved: It is important because that is what defines your time at Doane. Anyone can say they went to college and went to class, but not everyone can say they were a part of the Doane Dance team, or Doane Track team, Doane choir, Alpha Pi Epsilon, those are the things within Doane’s atmosphere that encompass so many similar minds. And you put them together, it creates something great. And that’s what I have seen across the board and that’s why I continue to do these things. 

Advice: Cherish the moment that you’re in. Realize that there are times to be stressed, there are times to have fun, there are times to relax, there are times to laugh with friends, times to cry with friends, there are times to go out on a Friday or Saturday night, and there are times to get homework done and do what needs to be done. Finding those moments and knowing when, where and how to approach those moments. I think that will help slow things down and make things easier to process and that’s how I have been going about it. 



Name: Hannah Flock

Hometown: Bancroft, Nebraska

Year: Senior

Major:Psychology with 

Minors:  Sociology and Spanish

Doane Involvement:  I am a work-study for the Alumni Office, a Career Peer Mentor in the College to Career Center, a member and Secretary of Phi Sigma Tau, a member of the Student Philanthropy Committee/Senior Gift Campaign, the President of Order of Omega, and Vice President of Psych/Soc Club.

Outside Doane Involvement:I am a Community Support Professional at Region V Services in Crete. I work M-F.

Why did you get involved:  I got involved in the alumni office and SPC through being a Tiger on Tour last summer. I applied to be a CPM at the C2CC, because it was talked about in a Phi Sig Weekly Meeting and I thought I would enjoy it, so I applied and got hired. I joined Phi Sigma Tau for a plethora of reasons, but I'll make it short. I saw a group of independent, badass women who pushed each other every day to be exactly themselves, and I wanted exactly that. I got initiated into Order of Omega last Spring and we needed a new President for it, so I stepped up. I wanted to play a bigger part of the Psych/Soc Club than I had in previous years, so I went to the day of elections and got voted Vice President. I am a CSP at Region V, because a previous co-worker from the camp I went to and worked at for years knew about an open position and thought I should apply. I have been working there since August of 2017.

Why it’s Important to be Involved: I think it's important to be involved on campus because it gives you more of a chance to be connected with everyone. In my eyes, if I wasn't involved I wouldn't know anyone and no one would know me. I've loved having the chance to meet all kinds of different people on campus through the different groups I am a part of. It's given me more of a voice and a place on Doane's campus.

Advice: Get involved as much as you can handle! You never know what kind of connections/lifelong friends you are going to make. You also never know how that will help you in the future.



Name: Olivia Steffensen

Hometown: Pierce, Nebraska

Year: Senior

Majors: accounting, business, administration and law, politics and society 

Minors: Sociology

Doane Involvement: I'm involved in the student congress. I'm the Treasurer. And then I am an accounting club, pre-law club.

Outside Involvement: I volunteer with Crete special programs to help ESL students get their G.T. I volunteer with. Three to four hours a week so soon. 

Does Overinvolvement Look Good: Unfortunately, yes. I think that we've painted this idea of like an ideal student. It's a person who takes hard classes and doesn't overly involved because I think they think that shows that you're capable of doing those things. Especially during my freshman-sophomore year, I was a lot more involved and I wasn't. 

And I'd be basically giving my all to all of these different things and that was just exhausting. So then junior and senior year, I kind of weeded out things that weren't as important to me or wasn't something that I actually enjoyed doing. But I definitely do think that it works.

We've kind of decided that that's what looks best when you're busy and you have all these things because people do activities because it looks good on applications like whether that be in a whole bunch of clubs or being in a lot of leadership positions or something like that. 

Why it’s important to be Involved: It's important to be involved to make connections with people. Doane prides itself on being a close-knit community and I think in more recent years, they've made an effort to create community outreach just because that feeling of community is so important. It's important to make those connections because like I said, those can lead to future opportunities, whether that be a job or internship things like that. And it is helpful when a job like that or applying for a job and you already have that connection because that's one more interaction that you have over somebody else that's applying. So that's another experience too, for them to see, like your dedication, your hard work, things like that. So, yes, I think that's important. 

Advice: If you're going to be involved, make it purposeful and intentional. Don't just do things that you think you should be doing or you think that are a little good when you're applying for a job, do things that you care about and that you're passionate about. And then again, like if you're gonna put your effort into something, it shouldn't be half-assed. So just make sure that you're doing things that you truly care about and not just because somebody told you that you should do it.