Doane Intro

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The Doane intro. From your very first day on campus, you’re taught to introduce yourself with your name, major(s), sports, clubs, activities, and anything else you find important. Before your first day of classes is over you have it memorized to the point where it almost doesn’t even seem like you’re saying words anymore. For many students, that intro gradually grows longer and longer the more time they spend at Doane, until it becomes a dizzying list of involvement.

To paint a picture of just how highly involved students are, we asked some students to send us their Doane intros, and… buckle in, because it’s a lot.


Mady Vogel


Hannah Flock

 Mady and Hannah have a lot of leadership roles on their plate. Add on multiple jobs, and demanding course loads from their schoolwork on top of that and it’s hard to imagine how there’s still time left in their day for anything else.


 Corbin Hubbell


Payton Zarkowski


Sam Coy

 Corbin, Payton, and Sam all manage to work athletics into their balancing act as well.

For many, the opportunity to be extremely involved on campus is a major draw towards attending Doane. But, is there a line where it’s too much? Should it take you over half a minute to list out every single thing that you’re involved in? Those are some of the questions that the 24 Hours project aims to answer. In the coming weeks, we have several projects releasing that look at both the negative and positive effects of over-involvement, and what students can do if they feel like they’ve maybe bitten off more than they can chew and need to step back a little bit.