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Doane seeks to raise sexual assault awareness

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Chi Delta sorority will host a Tea Time Talk on the topic on Nov. 13th at 7pm.

Chi Delta sorority hosts No Means November to promote consensual sex and raise awareness about sexual assault.

Senior Natalie Andersen said that all victims of sexual assault should have a voice.

Chi Delta seeks to promote women’s empowerment. A majority of sexual violence victims are women, Andersen said.

While the majority of targets of sexual assault are women, “It can affect anyone and everyone. Which it does. On a daily basis,” she said.

“It’s always been an issue, so it’s time to be proactive,” said Andersen.

Students are encouraged to sign a pledge for No Means November at the Beige Desk in Perry Campus Center. This will take place over the lunch hour until Friday. It is a pledge saying that the signee will always ask for consent before sex.

On Nov. 13, Chi Delta will be hosting Tea Time Talks at Lakeside. This event will take place at 7:00 p.m., and will be a casual roundtable discussion about healthy relationships.

The last event for No Means November will be Write Out Loud: “Let Your Voice Be Heard.” This event will be on Nov. 28 at 7:00 p.m. in Lakeside. Chi Delta is co-sponsoring this event with the Writing Center. The event gives students a chance to share their writing aloud with an open mic night.

“Assault doesn’t just affect the two people involved. It impacts the entire community,” said Suzannah Rogan, project coordinator for sexual assault education and prevention.

It becomes a community problem when we don't have a conversation about it. This can create an environment where it is ignored, said Rogan.

“You should care for and protect your community,” she said.

By creating a conversation around consent it helps center that idea in relationships. Consent is something that should be important and expected. A conversation about consent can improve all our relationships, Rogan said.