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Chi Delta financially supports survivors

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From Oct. 19 to Oct. 31, Chi Delta sorority participated in their annual Safe Quarters Drive. The Safe Quarters Drive collects donations of any amount from friends, family and community members to donate to the Friendship Home in Lincoln.

The Friendship Home’s mission, according to their website, is to support, shelter and advocate for victims of domestic violence and their children.

As part of the Safe Quarters drive, the Friendship Home recruits people to help gain donations for their cause. Chi Delta has participated in this drive in the past, so the Friendship Home typically reaches out to them.

In previous years, Chi Delta members who wished to participate would be assigned a region of a neighborhood in Lincoln where they would go door-to-door and ask for donations. They would knock on doors, explain what they were doing and who it would help. However, in order to keep everyone safe, the Friendship Home’s Safe Quarter drive moved to a virtual platform. 

Chi Delta members have mainly been using social media, email and text as forms of communication to spread awareness and gain donations from alumni, friends and family. 

In terms of moving to a virtual platform, Chi Delta President Ashley Kenyon said it is easier for more members to get involved with this service and easier to spread awareness, but harder to get a lot of the donations. 

Kenyon said when they go door-to-door, they get to make a connection with those people and “show the passion” they have. And doing it virtually poses a challenge to making that connection.

“One of Chi Delta’s passions is empowering women, so this fits well with that belief. We get to show our passion about helping women, empowering women and supporting those survivors. But online, we can make a post, but it doesn’t quite reach that connection level,” Kenyon said.

While getting donations has been a challenge, Kenyon feels they have been able to raise awareness and start conversations, which is their goal and why they continue to participate in this drive each year. 

“Empowering women is something that we strive to do. We empower the ladies in our group, and we want to do that not just with our group but also with the outside [community],” Kenyon said.

Chi Delta will be holding more events geared towards women empowerment throughout the month of November.