Doane University hosts The Fall Festival of Winds

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Dr. Jay W. Gilbert conducting the festival band during The Fall Festival of Winds.

The Fall Festival of Winds took place on Saturday afternoon. This is a one day event where high school band students throughout Nebraska are invited to perform alongside the Doane University Band.

The Fall Festival of Winds consisted of two bands, the festival band, and the honor band.

Students were selected to take part in the festival band by nomination. Students who wanted to play within the honor band auditioned through audio submissions.

With only 5 hours of rehearsal, the festival and honor band performance took place in the Heckman Auditorium. Family, friends, as well as the Doane community were invited to watch the anticipated concert.

Doanes’ very own Dr. Jay W. Gilbert conducted the festival band and Dr. Larry Blocher conducted the honor band.

Dr. Larry Blocher is the Professor of Music and Director of the School of Music at Troy University in Troy, Alabama and he was invited by Dr. Gilbert.

Dr. Gilbert explains that the Fall Festival of Winds is a recruiting event. It brings high school students on campus to experience what it would be like here at Doane University.

The students who participated in this event seem to enjoy it a lot.

“It was pretty great, this is my third year doing it and I’ve enjoyed it every year,” said senior Trinity Seery from Oakland Craig High School. “My band is only made of 50 people so coming here and seeing all these people from around Nebraska is really cool.”

Some students even enjoy the challenge of this one day event.

Junior Josephine Ivy from Norris High School said, “The music definitely had its tough sections but working with Dr. Gilbert makes it fun and it doesn’t feel like four and a half hours of practice”

The best part of The Fall Festival of Winds is working with colleagues that have a servant's heart with the students at the center of it explained Dr. Blocher. “It’s about the student’s, it’s not about ego, or winning something.”