Concerns served to Sodexo

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Student Congress has issued a request for proposal for Doane University’s food provider, aiming to act on the concerns that Doane students have.

StuCo senator and food committee chair Quinn Martin says that this proposal would outline a set of expectations from the university’s food provider to make the quality of food better.

“The goal is to work with Sodexo on improving our current relationship/services while evaluating all the options we could pursue to create a future that is best for the student body,” Martin said. “The main takeaway should be that this RFP (request for proposal) is not a guarantee that Doane is dropping Sodexo, this RFP is meant to represent Student Congress's desire to work for our students by taking initiative in their interests.”

Martin, Amy Hendrickson and the food committee traveled to Midland University in Fremont to try their food and get their students’ feelings on their food.

Students have had complaints about Sodexo’s food for years. Martin and the food committee are looking to improve the food situation for the long term. 

“Student Congress is looking for the option that survives the test of time, we want to choose the food provider that will suit both the needs of current students and students in 10 years. What prompted this RFP was the current and historic dissatisfaction Student Congress has seen in students with the food being served here at Doane,” Martin said.

Martin felt that he would be letting the student body down and failing as a leader if his committee didn’t at least issue an RFP for the food services on campus.

He emphasized the importance of the voice of the student body and how those voices don’t go unheard.

“I want the student body to continue to exercise their voice and share their concerns with StuCo,” Martin said. “I want students to know that Student Congress is about action.”

If students have any concerns with the food being served, whether it be from quality or due to dietary needs, Martin encourages everyone to speak to their StuCo representatives and those working at the cafeteria.