Doane enrollment

Dr. Erin Doyle, professor for Doane’s biology department, helps an incoming student set up their schedule for the fall semester during one of the enrollment days. During enrollment days, incoming students learn about campus engagement, learn about campus living, take their student identification picture, and sign up for classes. 

Enrollment days are well underway for Doane University. The Office of Admission for Doane had reported 325 incoming freshmen have deposited had listed a total of 40 transfers as of July 2.  

This will be over a 22% increase in students over the last year an e-mail dated May 23, 2019 from President of Doane University Jacque Carter stated. 

“We are optimistic we will continue to grow those numbers over the course of the summer,” Doane’s Interim Vice President for Enrollment and University Communications Kyle McMurray said. 

There have been four enrollment days so far in June, and one more on the way in July. Phone enrollment has also been an option for future students who cannot attend the enrollment days. 

Enrollment day includes stations that future students go through which include learning about campus engagement, resident hall living and their financial aid. They also sign their four-year graduation guarantee contract and take their student identification card picture. 

On these days, students sign up for their classes as well. They meet with a professor who is usually a professor of the major that they expressed interest in and figure out what classes they need and want to take this coming fall semester. 

According to a Doaneline, Doane Student Media website, article dated April 9, 2019, the admissions department had a goal to recruit 300 first-year students. This was an increase from the previous year’s 259 first-year students recruited. 

“Everybody asks that question, ‘What’s the thing you did differently?’ and there really is no silver bullet to the process. It was really a collective group of things that our office did, that the fine and performing arts directors did, that the coaches did. It was the effort and energy that the faculty gave when students came and visited. Our ambassadors all did a fantastic job as well,” McMurray said. 

The increase in students will mean less chance of financial stress for Doane. Doane increased its tuition for this coming year and according to its website, the total cost for a full-time student living on campus is $45,100 which includes tuition, fees and room and board.

McMurray said, “Everybody always wants that one thing that you did and there never is just one thing that leads to collective success like this.”