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Assessing risk on Doane’s campus

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After the first week of classes, Doane University sent out an email detailing the release of a website that gives risk dial assessments of each campus.

Throughout the semester, this page will be updated daily with emails being sent out each week with the cumulative information. Each campus will be rated on various different elements that can put them in four separate categories: low (green), moderate (yellow), high (orange) or severe (red).

Included with the categories, students will be able to see the number of positive cases on their campus as well.

The factors that will be considered are: the number of positive cases among students, staff and faculty, the number of positive cases in the county, the number of significant exposures to someone who has tested positive, quarantine spaces available on campus, student, staff and faculty concerns, availability of PPE/sanitation supplies, COVID-19 behavioral compliance and local ordinances or other government mandates including CDC recommendations.

The first risk assessment was sent out on August 21 with a link to the school’s website for the assessment as well as the current risk dials for each campus. Lincoln and Omaha were both at moderate (yellow) risk.

However, Crete was at high (orange) risk. At the time of the email, there were two positive cases among students, staff or faculty on the Crete campus.

Currently, on August 29, the Crete campus is still in the high (orange) risk zone. There are three individuals who have tested positive and were sent home along with two students who have tested positive but have recovered from having COVID-19.

On the website, there is a description of an outline plan for each phase and what could happen if/when a campus reaches a certain risk dial. 

For Crete, there are going to be continued restrictions on campus activities, the amount of people in certain spaces, the cafeteria hours and many other things until the dial reaches a lower number. 

On August 28, an email was sent out to Crete students discussing the lifted restrictions on campus activities which allowed student groups to meet. However, there is currently no outline for how those groups will be able to meet.

Face coverings are mandatory on all campuses but on Crete’s campus, they are also required in any dorm building, communal space or anywhere social distancing is unable to be maintained.