Doors Wars winners announced and fed

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Hansen first floor residents help themselves to a home cooked meal in celebration of winning Doors Wars.

Students were encouraged to keep their doors open and welcome new friends during Door Wars

Doane Housing’s “Door Wars” has concluded and winners have been announced. 

Sheldon room 127 consisting of Isabel Bothwell and Kierney Skiles was the individual room winner with 35 total signatures and the winner of the floor competition was Hansen’s first floor.

The month-long challenge was announced on Aug. 30. 

The announcement email stated: “The premise is simple. Keep your doors open and meet some new friends. Community Advisors will come by and initial your door tags if your door is open. At the end of the month, the room and floor with the most initials will win free food.”

With September coming to a close, winners were announced to CAs via email and the promise of free food was kept. 

Community Director and Coordinator of Residence Education Jayma Ausdemore made a home-cooked meal for Bothwell, Skiles and the entire first floor of Hansen.

“The goal of door wars was to help promote a more welcoming and open community,” said sophomore Hansen first floor CA Grant Hrabik. “I really do believe the goal was achieved and the freshmen class especially became a tighter group.”

Second floor Hansen CA sophomore Sarah Daly agreed the goal was accomplished. 

A sense of community was built in a short period of time and encouraged people to get out of their comfort zones,” Daly said.

Bothwell found it easy to participate in the activity.

“We were very competitive and would always check the other floors to make sure we were winning,” Bothwell said. “Kierney and I both enjoyed participating in Door Wars.”

Others did not find it as easy to participate. Junior Benjamin Saul was not as enthusiastic about the activity.

Being a two-floor suite, our door tag was put on the second floor,” Saul said. “We simply aren’t in our rooms enough to participate or to be comfortable with the doors always being open.” 

Despite busy schedules Doane students still found a way to create welcoming environments for others.