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Student opinions on recent election

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After the results of the most recent election came out, many students had different reactions.

The most recent presidential election saw candidates President Donald Trump with Vice President Mike Pence battle Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for the most votes. In the end, Biden and Harris saw victory over Trump and Pence and are now in line to take office in 2021. This resulted in several different reactions from the nation, including students at Doane. 

Some students view this outcome as extremely beneficial to the future of the United States. Students like junior Ashley Marco said she believes that Americans need a change in leadership to improve their state of living.

“If they follow through on campaign promises, the American people will be better taken care of,” Marco said. “Healthcare and human rights are a big deal, and Biden and Harris have made good promises in these areas.”

However, not all opinions are positive ones. Some are worried about the ideas of empty promises, such as junior Matthew Mittlieder, who is concerned about the amount of ideas Biden and Harris have proposed and whether or not they can all be fulfilled.

“I’m most concerned that they won't follow through with any of the things they said they would do,” Mittlieder said. “They aren't nearly as progressive as they need to be to see actual change in the country, so they may just end up being too moderate and changing nothing.”

One promise that some are looking forward to is how treatment of minorities will change in the next four years. Senior Rhegan Fritzler said she believes that with Biden and Harris, relations between all races will improve, and minorities will face better treatment in the United States.

“I believe one of the most important issues in this election is the treatment of minorities in the U.S., and I think the Biden-Harris administration will provide a good foundation to fix race relations,” Fritzler said.

Recently, there has been a lot of demand for social change, leading to riots and protests all across America. Some, such as sophomore Joey Colanino, are worried that with a Democrat on the way to becoming president, people will stop fighting for these changes. 

“I’m worried how much Biden will put his money where his mouth was,” Colanino said. “I’m also worried that because it’s a democratic president that a lot of people will overlook the inequalities still present in the United States, and we will have become complacent.”

Although there is a large demand for change, one change likely to occur is economic growth. Many are looking forward to this, such as sophomore Samuel Province. 

“Economic growth under democratic presidents tends to be higher than for republican ones,” Province said. “[Biden’s] global warming and race relation policy is also wonderful.”

Although opinions differ, one thing is certain: the next four years will pose a different set of challenges.