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Sodexo tightens up on off-campus food policy

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Sodexo has begun enforcing its off-campus food policy by bringing attention to the contract made with Doane University.

This process started mid last year according to a letter sent to parents of athletes from Doane’s Athletic Department at the beginning of the semester. 

The letter states that Sodexo has the “right of refusal on all meals served on campus.” 

This was brought up to the athletic department due to the “weekly or random meals that have been brought unannounced,” it states. 

When asked about the policy, Sodexo General Manager Amy Hendrickson, responded that “all food brought onto campus must be approved by myself.”

Hendrickson began cracking down on this policy after she was hired into her new position, saying that, “It was brought to my attention, and I want to do the right thing and hold true to the contract.”

“It had always been in the contract, but when Amy stepped into the position she went back through everything and said, ‘let’s live up to the contract that already exists as it’s supposed to be done,” Doane athletic director Matt Franzen said.

In a memorandum sent by former Vice President of Student Leadership, Carrie Petr, the document states, “Sodexo is granted the right of first refusal for all catering opportunities at campus events.”

After reading the contract and learning of the catering services Sodexo is to provide, Hendrickson said she spoke with Petr to try and see what they could do to provide these services.

Hendrickson said that she and Petr visited one-on-one with every department at Doane to make clear of the services that Sodexo can and will provide at events.

The policy will be enforced by the University’s chief financial officer and will seek repercussions if the contract is broken said Hendrickson. However, the memorandum states that Sodexo will allow athletic teams to hold one pot-luck dinner during their season as well as certain campus event exceptions. 

These exceptions include:

  • In-office “homemade” pot-luck events for campus staff

  • In-class homemade treats brought by faculty members

  • Tailgate during Homecoming

  • Food provided by local restaurants during Greek phon-a-thon.

  • Relay For Life food donated for the event

  • Stop Day Eve

  • Midnight Munchies and Halls yeah events

“Our experience with the meals that Sodexo has catered has been positive,” Franzen said. “The first contact when wanting to hold a meal should be Amy.”

Hendrickson said that if an individual or group would like for Sodexo to cater their event, they should reach out to her. She has been in contact with several teams and groups on campus to make menus and budgets that work for them. After a budget is set, Hendrickson can customize the meal to fit the budget.

“We are here to provide a service, and that is our goal,” Hendrickson said.