Doane kicks ass at FFA fundraiser

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FFA pic

Wendy Vernon tries to block Kalen Dochweiler from scoring for the Doane team.

The packed gymnasium goes wild as the Doane track and field coach makes his way down the basketball court with the ball. 

He passes the ball to Doane professor and teammate JL Vertin who starts to head in the wrong direction.

Vertin makes a half-court pass to student Kalen Dochweiler who attempts a shot. 

The basket was good and so was Dochweiler after falling off Widow Maker seconds later. 

Four teams competed in an unusual game of basketball at the Crete FFA Alumni Dairyland Donkey Ball on Sunday. 

The teams competed while riding donkeys in Crete Middle School’s gymnasium. 

This event raised money for Crete FFA students to fund scholarships and trips including the national FFA convention. 

Ed Fye was asked to make a team for Doane by Crete FFA Alumni President last year, which was the first year for Donkey Ball.

Fye served as team captain for the Doane team. 

“I was in FFA when I grew up and know that it is important for them to get funds,” Fye said. “Whatever we can do in the community to give back is something that we try and do as a team.”

Doane won last year’s competition, but fell short in the championship game against Area Fireman/Young Farmers. 

Senior Riley Heithoff competed on the Area Fireman/Young Farmers team.

 “Once I heard you get to ride a donkey I was sold,” Heithoff said. 

Crete Teachers and Area Businesses also competed on donkeys on Sunday.

Fye said that Sunday’s attendance was even bigger than last year’s. 

“It was fun knowing that it was all for a good cause,” Heithoff said. ”I was in FFA in high school and it was always nice having support from the community. I was glad I could participate in the event.”