HHP major makes the switch to Exercise Science

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Doane’s Health and Human Performance major (HHP) has undergone a change, and will now be known as Doane’s exercise science major.

According to Senior Communications Manager Ryan Mueksch, the changes in the curriculum are better suited for students looking to pursue further education after their four years at Doane.

These pathways include pre-athletic training, pre-physical therapy and strength and conditioning. The strength and conditioning program is being introduced as a standalone minor. There is also a pathway for pre-occupational therapy under development, pending a vote at the faculty assembly later this month.

In charge of these changes is athletic trainer Greg Seir, who has been working on finalizing these pathways in advance of the change. The goal is to better align Doane’s curriculum for the benefit of students who are planning to go on to graduate school.

Seir said that several changes were made. The curriculum for the course was revamped with students in mind. A strength and conditioning pathway has also been introduced, which includes the minor associated with the program. New classes have also been added, “specifically focused on students going into the Medical Field,” Seir said. 

Seir also mentioned how the program is still working on providing the best opportunities for their students. “Currently, we are working on expanding experiential learning opportunities each semester for students within different areas of Sports Medicine and Medical Field,” Seir said.

Junior Jerrad O’Malley was not at all concerned with the name change of the major. “The requirements for this major have given me a lot of confidence going into PT school and I don’t think it will affect my chances of getting into PT school,” O’Malley said.

Seir echoed O’Malley’s statement, saying that the majority of the students who are in the program are looking to go on to further their education.

O’Malley also voiced his support for those in charge of the program, saying “I have full faith in Greg and Melissa (Clouse) that they will get me prepared for what is coming later down the road.”

O’Malley said he didn’t feel as if the changes in the program would be anything more than a name change to him.

On the side of the professors and faculty, Seir felt similarly about the change. “There shouldn't be any major changes for the professors teaching. Those advising might see a difference in the requirements, the new classes being required and helping the students explore different areas they might be or could be interested in,” Seir said.

Any students who want to learn more about the changes with the HHP major can explore the Exercise Science page on Doane’s website, which has been updated to accurately represent the changes that have occurred. 

“The changes that have [occurred] are the curriculum has been revamped, the addition of Strength and Conditioning as a minor and a pathway and the addition of new classes specifically focused on students going into the Medical Field,” Seir said.