Doane experiences enrollment spike

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The class of 2023 listen to a guest speaker during orientation week.

Many students have passed through Doane’s office of admissions. Whether these students end up applying or not, their first impression is often our admissions counselors.

In his fifth year of recruitment, Thad Dodd has seen many students come into his office. With the largest class in 147 years, Thad loved seeing the diversity of these students and what qualities they will bring to the university. When asked about the attitudes of the students he said this was the “best group of kids in a while, they’re just quality kids.” 

The admissions office kicked things into gear this last recruiting year. A previously published Doaneline article said between offering higher scholarships for academics and bringing new fresh ideas, the Office of Admission for Doane reported 325 incoming freshmen and a total of 40 transfers as of July 2.

Thad equates this success to the cohesiveness of the office itself. 

“We’re a very cohesive group as an office,” Thad said. “All the way from the front desk, to the ladies in the back, to Kyle.”

The types of students coming in are mostly extracurricular students, being involved in athletics, music, theatre, forensics, or other activities. While this does bring a lot to Doane, admissions is looking to reach the “unleveraged” students, those not involved and just come to Doane because of the institution itself. 

“They’re diamonds in the rough,” Thad said. The Admissions Office is still trying to find a solution to reaching these students.

When asked for one word to describe the class of 2023, Thad said he would describe them as “impressive.”