2020 Student Leadership Awards announced

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Omicron Delta Kappa and Doane Student Congress announced the 2020 Student Leadership Awards on April 27. 

The Religious Leadership Award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding leadership in a campus religiously-affiliated organization.

This year's Religious award went to senior Keeliann Mark. 


Keeliann Mark

"Keeliann has been part of Cru throughout her four years of Doane and three of those she has served on the leadership team," the nomination said. "She has constantly taken the time to create events for her members of the group and have also taken the time to make them feel apart of the group, whether it's their first time coming or they have been coming for years. She leads through example and is constantly encouraging everyone to love their best lives."

The Athletic Leadership Award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding leadership in the area of athletics.

This years's Athletic Award went to senior Connor O'Toole.


Connor O'Toole

"Watching him present content on healthy masculinity and creating a safe/respectful campus to various teams in our Athletics Department reminding me of how important it is to have athletes in leadership positions who are respected across disciplines and able to live the values and mission of our university and CAPE project," a nomination said. 

The Creative and Performing Arts Leadership Award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding leadership in the creative and performing arts. 

This award was given to senior Allison Baird. 


Allison Baird

"She has been a role model for younger student and also balanced a non-profit on top of her schoolwork," her nomination said. "She recently was accepted into TISH graduate school in New York to continue her performing arts education."

The Journalism, Speech and Mass Media Leadership Award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding leadership in campus journalism, speech and/or media. 

This award was given to senior Caitlyn Nelson. 


Caitlyn Nelson

"Caitlyn has been a force when it comes to student media. She has really taken the Owl to the next level and worked hard to impact all elements of Student Media," her nominations said. "[Nelson] took a group of non-journalists and made them into outstanding editors in the matter of less than a year. Her team of editors have done more in this last year then those that were all journalists. She's an outstanding leader who has gone above and beyond for Doane Media and her staff."

The Social Leadership Award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding leadership in a social or Greek organization. 

Senior Austin Bruning received this award. 


Austin Bruning

"Austin held multiple leadership roles each year within his fraternity," his nomination said. "He also made sure to attend nearly all Greek events and was the recruitment chair for Greek Council."

The Service Leadership Award is presented to a student who has shown outstanding leadership in an organization focused on service to the campus or to the community. 

This year, senior Ben Zwiener received this award. 


Ben Zwiener

"Upon meeting Ben, you cannot help but smile. He has a warm, engaging personality and brings a high level of energy to all of his endeavors," his nomination said. "Ben's passion shines through his enthusiastic leadership and untiring work ethic. His creativity and generosity of spirit, combined with the ability to articulate his thoughts and critically think, brings him to the forefront of his peers."

The LIVE Award is presented to a student who has shown extraordinary leadership on the Doane campus and fully represents the mission of the institution. 

This award went to senior Mady Vogel.


Mady Vogel

"Even though she has been very involved and busy, she still makes time to check in with every person she interacts with," Vogel's nominations said. "She truly values every student here at Doane and has shown that in her servant leadership...She also has had to deal with a lot of conflicts, but she never shows any flaws in her character during tough times. She is an inspiration to the Doane community. 

The ROAR Award is presented to an organization that has made a significant impact on campus. 

The ROAR Award went to Doane Student Media. 


"This organization has reported on difficult topics this past year, but continues to inform students and work together, even if they cannot be physically together, to put news out daily on Doaneline," the nomination said. "They have worked with administration, faculty and students to put out accurate and informative articles all year long, even with a staff with no journalism students."

The Outstanding Advisor Award is presented to an organization faculty/staff advisor who has done above and beyond their required duties. 

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Becky Hunke was named this year's Outstanding Advisor. 


Becky Hunke

"Becky's door is open to all students and genuinely cares about their well-being," Hunke's nomination said. "Not only will she help you with your academic plan, she will also be there to listen to any rants or frustrations you have. I would be so lost without Becky's guidance and she is a huge reason why Doane is so special."

The Orientation Leader of the Year Award is presented to a an OL who went above and beyond during orientation welcoming new students to the Doane family. 

This year's OL of the Year went to Daniella Ruiz-Martinez. 


Daniella Ruiz-Martinez

"She worked to engage more quiet students and help them find who they could connect with," the nomination said. "Near the end of orientation new students from many of the other groups would come find Dani and start conversing and connecting. She was someone students sought out."

The Community Advisor of the Year Award is given to a CA who went above and beyond all year making students feel welcomed, safe and have an enjoyable living experience. 

Junior Sarah Daly received this award. 


Sarah Daly

"Sarah thrives off day-to-day interactions with students and preparing materials to provide students for the best years of their life at Doane," Daly's nomination said. "Sarah consistently goes above and beyond by reaching out to residents that do not reside on her floor, checking in with other staff members and volunteering for every department that needs a helping hand."

The Community Engagement in Crete Award is given to students or organization engaging with the Crete community through events or community service. 

The Spanish Club received this award for events that highlighted and involved the Crete community. 

Best Club Event went to Greek Council's Smores with the Greeks. 

"This was an original event that has a strong possibility becoming a tradition of its own," the nomination said. 

This event was held on Sheldon Patio with between 50-80 attendants with a purpose of exposing potential new Greek members to the Greek community.