Allison Baird, a senior at Doane University, sings on the Miss Nebraska stage. Baird won the first-runner up title at the competition which was held June 6-8.

Doane was well represented at the Miss Nebraska pageant held in North Platte June 6-8 with the 2018 Miss Nebraska titleholder and 2019 candidate Allison Baird, who is a current student. 

Baird, a senior at Doane University, started pageants when she was 15 years old to become more involved in her rural community and has held many titles since including:

• Miss Scotts Bluff County’s Outstanding Teen;

• Miss Western Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen;

• Miss Scotts Bluff County;

• Miss Star City; and

• Miss Nebraska State Fair.

She has competed at the Miss Nebraska competition for the last three years and received many scholarships and awards for her hard work getting to that competition. At this year’s competition Baird won:

• preliminary on-stage interview award, which was the first of its kind;

• preliminary evening gown/social impact initiative award;

• community service finalist;

• overall interview; and 

• first-runner up.

With its $1.5 million in scholarships, the Miss Nebraska organization awards each titleholder scholarship money to further their education.

In an interview with NBC Nebraska before the Miss Nebraska competition Baird said, “I attend Doane University, which is a private university in Nebraska so that’s already a little more expensive than a state school, but it was really important to me to go to that school.”

She said that Doane played a part in getting her to where she was in that competition.

“Doane has given me ample resources and mentors who make me better every day, and I have never been told ‘no’ to any of my crazy dreams,” Baird said. 

Baird also said that through her opportunities at Doane, including being a student ambassador and traveling for activities, she has gained experience talking to people from all walks of life and every background, which is important in the Miss Nebraska competition.

Through her time at Doane she also has developed connections to schools because of current educators and alumni who helped in the making of her non-profit, which she started a little over a year ago. 

As a vocal performance and theater double major, she has been invested in the fine arts programs all her life, which is why she started her own non-profit called Little but Fierce, which focuses on investing in arts programs for children. 

Little but Fierce advocates for fine arts education in public schools and also provides workshops, after-school programs and curriculum training so schools can implement the fine arts that Baird organizes and presents. This has already been implemented in 12 school districts across the state. 

“Little but Fierce gives a little more structure to schools or programs that are already doing what they can,” Baird said. 

If you would like Baird to be a guest speaker, do a district or grade curriculum training, advocate at an event or just would like to lend support contact 

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