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Amazing Race at Doane

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Amazing Race

The first ever Amazing Race homecoming event, held on Thursday, Oct. 1, featured a wide variety of challenges to test the participants physically and mentally. 

The idea to do the Amazing Race was brought up by Jayma Ausdemore, current Student Programming Board (SPB) advisor. SPB members liked the idea and felt it would be easy to maintain social distancing guidelines with this event.

Students were able to sign up in teams of two through a Google Forms survey. SPB received so many students who were interested that they created two time slots for the event to help with social distancing. The first time slot was at 8:30 PM, and the second was at 9:30 PM.

The goal of the Amazing Race was to be the first team to finish out of both time slots. If a team showed up in costumes, they received a several-second time deduction from their final time. The first place winners both won Apple watches.

The Apple watch played a large role in why many groups signed up for the event. However, there were several other groups who were just looking for a chance to participate in an exciting Homecoming activity.

“This has been the most normal that college life has felt this semester. So, I am trying to participate as much as possible to get that normalcy,” junior Myah Keenportz said. 

Other students echoed this idea stating this felt like a normal college experience despite the pandemic.

At the beginning of each time slot, groups met in Cassel Open Air Theater where they checked in. They then followed volunteers helping out at the event to various locations around campus.

SPB member Ariel Ortiz said the Race starting and ending in Cassel is like many things at Doane. 

“To keep the Doane tradition both alive and keep the symbolism... we start at Doane as tigers, and we end at Doane as tigers, no matter if there is a pandemic,” Ortiz said.  

Once the participants and volunteers were at the various checkpoints across campus, the Race began. At each checkpoint, participants answered a trivia question about Doane, participated in some type of challenge and then received a clue about the next checkpoint. 

Students were asked various trivia questions such as “Who is the twelfth president of Doane?” or “What year was Doane established?” 

The challenges ranged from getting an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, to spinning around ten times and making four goals in Cornhole. 

In the end, with a time of just over 25 minutes, Cedric Gooch Jr. and Nathan Williams Jr. were declared the winners of the first Amazing Race.

“Knowing that I am going down in Doane history is cool,” Williams said. 

When signing up for the event, Gooch knew it was going to be a challenge. He said that he knew Williams was the only person in his quad who could keep up with him.

While they were both in it for the Apple watch, both agreed they would do it again.

“I feel like we could shave our time down even faster,” Williams said.

Though Williams and Gooch were the winners, even students who did not win said they enjoyed themselves and would be willing to do it again.