StuCo walks the talk

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StuCo pic

Student Congress went around asking for feedback from students in a walking tour.

StuCo walked around campus to get meaningful feedback on what Doane can to do better improve the lives of its students.

According to Student Congress president Mady Vogel, members of StuCo went on a walk throughout the residence halls to try to get student feedback on how Doane could be better. 

They split up into groups of three to four and went through the residence halls. 

They also handed out cookies to the residents while asking for responses. 

Vogel said they wanted to raise awareness for upcoming StuCo elections in addition to asking for responses.

“We also encouraged anyone who was interested in StuCo to start thinking about running for the upcoming elections in April,” Vogel said.

Vogel believed everything went well enough to consider making it a semester event in the future.

Junior StuCo member Quinn Martin was also extremely happy with the success they had during the tour.

“The tour went great, and it was a huge success. I’m a huge fan of the walking tour,” Martin said.

Martin said they got a large number of responses. He added the importance of reaching people that wouldn’t have normally been reached through the typical methods and getting the valuable opinions they had.

“I got a lot of feedback on the cafeteria and how it could be improved and I really appreciated it. The best part was hearing from those who would have never spoken up otherwise,” Martin said.

Vogel said they received a lot of student feedback in general, and one of the main talking points was the food provided by Sodexo.

Both Vogel and Martin stressed the importance of the feedback that they received, as it can help make Doane a more enjoyable place for students.

Students who have suggestions are encouraged to speak to any StuCo representative, as the information they receive is taken heavily into their considerations.