Doane students concerned about personal saftey

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In September, four sexual offenses were reported on Doane’s campus. 

Two of these offenses were reported to have happened in Frees Hall, while the other two occurred within an unidentified residence hall. 

According to a student survey about campus safety, 24 percent of students have felt unsafe on campus. 

When asked what Doane could do better in terms of safety, one student said “with certain crimes [sexual assault] the student should be expelled. I have no idea if that is the case or not, but I feel uncomfortable with the thought that there are people on this campus who have attacked someone else in this way. The thought that they are still here just scares me more than anything.” 

According to Doane’s handbook, when a violent offense has occurred, there will be a hearing before action is taken. However, once a student has been found guilty of the offense, there are a few different courses of action that can be taken. 

  • A letter of censure will be placed on the student’s non-academic file

  • Mandatory Counseling

  • Disciplinary Probation

  • Suspension from Doane University

  • Expulsion from Doane University 

Title Ⅸ coordinator Laura Northup, who has been at Doane for 13 years but only recently taken up the position for Title Ⅸ, said that she was unable to comment on any specifics regarding the reports. 

Doane Safety Office said that one of the sexual offenses was reported anonymously on Sept. 9, so there was little information included. 

The Intouch Helpline, which has been up and running for the past two years, is an anonymous way to report violations of policy on campus. 

The purpose of the helpline is “to encourage whistleblowing and reporting. The reports are filtered by the third-party vendor to the appropriate administrator depending on the nature of the complaint. From there the administrator takes steps to gather more information and follow up as necessary,” Northrup said.

Many students who answered the survey about safety on campus suggested that Doane should ensure that there is enough lighting along walkways and in parking lots. 

However, most offenses reported in the crime log have happened within the buildings rather than in the areas mentioned by students.

Some students said they felt safety officers on campus should patrol more often at night. One student who replied to the survey recommended Doane offer self-defense classes to students. 

A majority of students that replied to the survey reported feeling safe on campus but believed Doane could do more to keep students safe.