Crete community cards

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The new StuCo initiative to raise student awareness about the businesses in the Crete community is officially underway. A handout has been placed in every student mailbox and on many tables throughout campus with many businesses that offer special discounts to Doane students. 

Junior student congress member Monte McNeil said this initiative is meant to act as a little reminder to the Doane students to support the surrounding community. He said it's a win-win for the students and the local businesses as it notifies the students about what discounts are available to them and is free publicity for the local businesses. 

According to the handout, you must show your Doane ID to access the discounts. There are a variety of businesses from food to floral shops available for students.

If there are more business that would like to offer discounts to Doane students then another Crete Community Card will likely find its way into student mailboxes. McNeil said there are not any current plans to print more cards.

Sarah Campfield from the Student Experience Offices was inspired to implement the Crete Community Cards by ideas that were at her old school. Madi Warrelhamm and Mandi Laib were responsible for designing the cards, McNeil said.